Wellness Telecom  (Coordinator) – Spain

Wellness Telecom (WT) is an Information and Telecommunication Technologies SME company located in Seville (Head Office), Málaga and Mexico D.F. It is a young enterprise with a multidisciplinary background. Wellness Telecom endeavors to offer innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies applied to people’s welfare. Wellness Telecom R&D&I areas are based on horizontal ICT technologies applied to numerous action fields: health, environment, energy, smart industry and others.



T.E. Laboratories – Ireland

Tellab’s chief activity is as an independent INAB/ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory specialising in water and soil analysis. Tellab has grown and diversified since it was founded to include the following divisions: environmental analysis, machine care analysis, marker dyes manufacture, analysis of transformer oils, research and development, pharmaceutical testing, chemical production and supplier of laboratory equipment. Tellab owns a purpose built R&D Laboratory. Tellab has strong expertise in the area of dissemination and project exploitation from experience in previous projects also. Tellab Products are currently exported to a large number of territories supplying most European countries.



Hydrelis – France

Hydrelis mission is to contribute to the protection of water resources: Eliminating unnecessary water cost, reducing misuse of water, protecting your assets and improving performance in sustainability terms. Hydrelis offers avant-garde solutions for the management of water consumption, water savings and protection of assets, it has a particular technical know-how in the field of micromechanics (control valves with very low consumption) and ultra-low consumption electronics. 




Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) is the major Public Research Body in Spain. CSIC is composed of around 120 research institutes in all research areas distributed throughout the national territory. This project will be developed at the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (IMB-CNM) which is the largest public microelectronics laboratory in Spain. Founded in 1985, its main activity is research and development in silicon-based micro- and nano-electronics. IMB staff is around 240 people, about 60 of whom are researchers. IMB-CNM has a fully equipped semi-industrial Clean Room for silicon microelectronic fabrication and electronic prototyping facilities




The National Institute of Research Development for Mechatronics and Measurement Technique (INCDMTM) is National Institute from Romania. INCDMTM has 178 employees.  INCDMTM activates in the scientific research area comprising fine mechanics, mechatronics and intelligent measurement technique. The main expertise areas and activities covered by INCDMTM include: Intelligent high-tech products for measurement, characterization and monitoring of environmental parameters (water, air, soil), robots and micro-robots, intelligent mechatronic measuring techniques, non-electric intelligent measurement devices and analysis micro-systems.